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Money Trade Coin to start withdrawal process

In our previous article we spoke about MT coin which has risen from 1$ to now 350$ in a very short span of time.

Most people are eagerly waiting to exit and book their profits.

The company had not been providing any update on the same. They have finally advised that they will start their blockchain this month starting from 8th Feb. They will also start the KYC process on the MT pay app where an individual can get his documents verified for seamless transactions.

So here is how it will work out as per their plan –

8th Feb 2018 onwards the document verification process will start and will go on till 28th of Feb 2018.

In the same period all your tokens from MTPay app will be converted to MT coins and you will get an option to move your coins to MTCX.

Listing will happen in March 2018 as per them on several exchanges including their own.

This update is as per the offical update on the app.

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