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Money Trade Coin – A cryptocurrency worth looking at?

We got introduced to MT Coin aka. Money Trade Coin sometime last year and at that time it was trading at Rs 100 (INR).

I happened to check it today and couldn’t believe what I saw.

It’s trading at Rs 23,301 (INR) in just 6 odd months. I couldn’t believe this and was taken aback. So I happened to search more about this coin on google and found out a few things about this coin.

It’s officially launched in a few European and Asian countries.

It has launched its trading platform in India – MTCX where people can trade in MT coins. But a question is people who have invested in ICO are not able to sell them? If someone can enlighten us on this here.

I also read a paid press release on CCN which states the price would sore to 2500 USD. Currently trading at 331 USD. Well, this sounded a bit absurd but if someone who has done a good analysis of this coin can enlighten us.

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